There’s a thousand ways to do a thousand things, and a million ways to fuck up those thousand things.

Many of us are adept at research rather than application. The internet has made it ridiculously easy to download apps and videos and get shit shipped from amazon in two days in order to turn us into indestructible super-badasses.

This overload of option and information has made it difficult to apply the knowledge that we have. Take diet, for instance. Type that into amazon and see how many results show up. Each purports to have the rhyme and reason for weight gain and the secret for weight loss.

Know what that secret is? Calorie restriction. Science confirms it. Boom – done.

But you’ll be tempted by just another hack, another book, another purchase that’ll set you on the right track. Keto? No, keto is bad for you, do Mediterranean, no, actually, South Beach – wait, did you hear what Paleo lets you do know?

Exercise suffers from the same rigamarole. There’s bodybuilding, powerlifting, HIIT, Crossfit, benches and treadmills and gadgets galore to get your sweat on. Yet ask any fitness model or athlete and they’ll tell you the same thing – keep it simple, increase weight to progress, and do plenty of cardio.

The Sith crave power, lust for it. This is done through passion, fueling their dark side energies with wild emotions. It could be easy for us to fall into information overload, letting whims follow where they may. But a Sith does not ‘workout’…a Sith TRAINS.

And in training there is discipline. Follow through. Power is not achieved by chasing whims. Power is achieved through the patient application of will and discipline. Hone the will through discipline.

First, set up your life in a manner that you can establish a routine. Block time off your schedule. Cut out TV, get up early if you have a family, set a place and time aside. If this requires you re-train for a new job, do so. You’ll be frustrated otherwise, that you continually are sidetracked by the failings of mortal life.

Next, ensure your diet and sleep are in good condition. Your metabolism is a balance between the body breaking itself down and repairing itself. You forge a better body by simply choosing to eat better things. The rebuilding is largely done while asleep, however, so ensure you are resting deeply and for long enough periods. Sleep enough to be rested, and do not deprive yourself of rest. If you indulge, indulge here.

Training the body trains the mind, so begin here. Pick a few simple routines you can do, and set a small window where you forbid yourself to deviate from the schedule. Do cardio and weights. However you want, whatever method you want, but do it.

Once this is done, add mental training. Learn and practice memory techniques, meditate, and read. Set a goal to read and learn something for a few hours per week. However you want to fit this in.

Once done, you are not just working out, nor engaging in self-improvement. You are training. You are filling yourself with the energy of the dark side. You are becoming a powerful, violent animal, a threat to the cattle that fills our world.

What I did to be more like a Sith Lord…

Not much. I am re-training for a new job finally, and college has consumed most of my life at this point. Taekwondo has been abandoned as I just cannot train consistently enough to justify the expense. I’ve contacted my old Escrima instructor and am hopeful that I’ll begin again with him, and will simply not worry about hours spent training. I’ll just do it.

Exercise has skid to a stop, but I am going to join a gym nearby and just start working out when I can. I’ll not depend on a martial art lesson to dictate when I sweat.


“Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!”

Ah, that cry. Made famous by Helen Lovejoy of the Simpsons. In essence, it’s an appeal to emotion, and thus a logical fallacy.

Oftentimes, conservatives and liberals alike will make overtures to a superior moral sense by invoking the innocence of children. When conservatives do it, they’re usually invoking Traditional Christian Morals, whinging about abortion rights or the removal of God from the classroom. It’s quite obvious when they’re doing this, which is why it’s usually ignored by all but the most blustery of conservative pundits.

When liberals do it, it’s much more insidious. The conversation it goes as follows:

Liberal: “We need more tax funding for schools!”

Conservative: “I pay plenty of taxes each year. My income hasn’t gone up in years and you want to take more off my table? I’m not responsible for the school systems budget.”

Liberal: “Oh, so you hate children!”

Conservative: “What? I have three kids. That’s why I don’t want to pay more taxes. It’s hard enough to feed them.”

Liberal: “Typical selfish conservative! There are starving children out in the streets right now and you won’t take care of them!”

Conservative: “Wh-what?”

Ad nauseum.

The baseline for both political sides is control. Both sides seek to control the argument and the message by appealing to a higher moral center. Beware the liberal, however, as they are far more insidious AND dangerous at seeking it.

During the Argentinian financial collapse, carjacking was commonplace. It went as follows:

You’d be driving down the road where a child or woman, usually crying, would try to flag you down.

Being a bleeding heart, you’d pull over to attempt to help.

Enter: large men with guns and other assorted weapons to steal everything you own.

The defense of all this is simple: choice. Demand choice. Demand to know where your responsibility lies. Demand to know who comes first: your family or your state?

Not everyone cares about the argument. Particularly for bleeding heart types, it’s incomprehensible to think that some may not throw everything they have at a hungry child. They don’t care for the logical continuance of this train of thought, that once you remove choice…you’ve become a slave.

What I did to be more like a Sith Lord…

Started school. The new year is going well. Anxious about keeping up with everything, but I’m off to a good start.

Have a schedule and will be continuing my taekwondo training regularly. I hope to advance up the belt ranks by the end of the year.

– Darth Viron


 Motivation sucks, according to a bunch of people I follow for motivation. David Goggins, that Navy Seal who is one youngling massacre away from being a Sith Lord, says as much. Motivation is not there for you each day. Your bodily systems wane. Your energy is not consistent. Your sleep is less so. You are full, tired, sick, sad, depressed, and all too human. Motivation comes and goes.

But discipline stays.

Discipline is the ability to do what is needed, regardless of how you ‘feel.’ As Sith, we’re supposed to use our emotions as fuel, and this is a necessary work. However, discipline is equally so, if not more so. Our emotional states can become untethered from our will, and not give us what we need to accomplish a task.

Many want a morning ritual. But mornings…suck. Getting up after a poor nights sleep, no one wants to run, meditate, lift, or work. So many of us do the bare minimum when feeling like this. But this is nonsense, as our ‘work capacity does not drop drastically after such a night. Indeed, our bodies crave movement, eustress, and work. We often feel better after pushing through such fog.

In times like these, it is discipline born of strong will that will carry you. Know that you will not always be motivated, or hunger for betterment. Do what you must. If you wish betterment, do the things necessary, regardless of how you ‘feel.’

What I Did To Be More Like A Sith Lord This Week:

While at a hotel, I found the water in the pool quite cold. I resigned myself to the hot tub for relaxation instead. The Dark Side began to nag me, however, chiding me for not embracing the opportunity for cold exposure. (Look up cryotherapy, Wim Hof Method, ect, or details.) After battling my natural inclination for laziness for a bit, I forced myself into the cold water and submerged myself fully. It sucked. But I did it. And am better for it.

Still recovering from surgery. I can’t lift for a few weeks yet, but I’m getting in my walking. Ordering healthier options at restaurants. Ect.

Darth Viron

Musings on the Sith

The Sith are an interesting villain. They don’t fit the typical archetypes found in most media – the ‘evil for evil’s sake’, the nihilist, nor the ever present sob-story-makes-me-evil. They are compelling to me, as they are scientist-mystics, understanding the deeper nature of reality (the Force in Star Wars canon), but also take time to understand hard science. They create monsters, known as Sithspawn. Occasionally, they work on humans, as the Darth Sidious created Darth Vader. No Jedi could do this.

The spiritual is necessary as it grants purpose. It’s difficult to live life well without meaning and a goal, and it’s only spirituality that grants this. If you think otherwise, look to the slovenly masses found online, the ‘mainstream’ man and woman, and gaze into their empty eyes and convince me otherwise. God is Dead, and with it we have neutered mankind.

Science is necessary as it grants reason. Reason, clarity of thought, is lost on most. A philosopher once said that most things that enter your mind are, in fact, wrong. How do you know? Is the world built on the backs of turtles, or does it hurl through the void? With science we need not speculate or hypothesize.

But science, science is power in its own right. Purpose infused with power is raw energy that levels mountains. It gave us the gene, the atom, and the transistor. Additionally, it tempers spirituality with reason. With purpose and truth, monsters are created…or just a better breed of human.

I like to think that embracing the spiritual and tempering it with the scientific solves the problems of blind faith and nihilism. If it makes one stronger to converge the two, then all the more reason to do so. Don’t fear the spiritual because you hate the word ‘God’, and don’t fear the scientific because math class made you hate science. Read, learn, master, and overcome.

The world needs Sith. Not in the most literal sense. But those who see the world as it is. One filled with joyous suffering. Suffering that breeds anger. Anger that breeds hate. Hate that breeds passion. Passion that grants strength. Strength grants power. Ecetera, ecetera…

What I Did To Be a Sith Lord This Week:

Purged weakness from my physical form. IE, had my gallbladder removed. Fucker doesn’t want to work right, I can live without.

Continued dieting, loosing weight.

Walked the dogs a lot, now that the weather permits it.

Still on track to further my education in August. Physical Therapist Assistant will give me intimate knowledge of the human form…perhaps allowing me to create my own Sithspawn…?

Should be back in TaeKwonDo after next week. It’s far from the strongest martial art, but where I’m at now, it’ll serve to make me stronger and better. With ancestral roots in Karate, I’ve been researching how to ‘modernize’ Hojo Undo training.

Researched running. All martial artists have to do it. So I gotta do it. Damn it.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

Memento mori,

Darth Viron


The more I learn and the older I get, the more I identify with my grandfather’s Korean War-won wisdom: “All politicians are crooks and liars.”

This drives home another thought I had the other day: politics is poison.

We are in the End Times. Not in a spiritual sense – Frederick Nietzsche noted that God is Dead, and I tend to agree – but the death of thought and progress. The internet gives us all the world’s wisdom and knowledge, but we use it to reinforce tribalistic thinking and form echo chambers that allow us to filter data into confirmation bias. This, in turn, reinforces pre-held prejudices. This, in turn, is what will kill the world.

I’m often accused of pessimism, which is fair. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for years, only to recently gain a hold of it. But if God is Dead and the world’s greatest invention – the Internet – in turn destroys the human psyche, what hope is there for the future?

Daily Training:

Dual N-Back games from Brain Age.

Notes: still struggle to hold many pieces of data together in my mind. Can barely hold 3-4, and not very long. Perhaps ensuring that I work on Playing Card memorization will help.


Muse tells me that I still don’t spend long in a deeply calm state. My meditations do seem ‘lighter’ than what I was able to achieve when doing meditation with my instructor. Perhaps focusing less on ‘concentration’ and more on concentration and relaxation will help. Going by data, I’m not getting into a deep state yet.


Walked. Will begin to add weights again. The summer job is not lending results like I thought. Energy should be good to add a light routine in the afternoons.

Memento Mori,

Darth Viron