Motivation sucks, according to a bunch of people I follow for motivation. David Goggins, that Navy Seal who is one youngling massacre away from being a Sith Lord, says as much. Motivation is not there for you each day. Your bodily systems wane. Your energy is not consistent. Your sleep is less so. You are full, tired, sick, sad, depressed, and all too human. Motivation comes and goes.

But discipline stays.

Discipline is the ability to do what is needed, regardless of how you ‘feel.’ As Sith, we’re supposed to use our emotions as fuel, and this is a necessary work. However, discipline is equally so, if not more so. Our emotional states can become untethered from our will, and not give us what we need to accomplish a task.

Many want a morning ritual. But mornings…suck. Getting up after a poor nights sleep, no one wants to run, meditate, lift, or work. So many of us do the bare minimum when feeling like this. But this is nonsense, as our ‘work capacity does not drop drastically after such a night. Indeed, our bodies crave movement, eustress, and work. We often feel better after pushing through such fog.

In times like these, it is discipline born of strong will that will carry you. Know that you will not always be motivated, or hunger for betterment. Do what you must. If you wish betterment, do the things necessary, regardless of how you ‘feel.’

What I Did To Be More Like A Sith Lord This Week:

While at a hotel, I found the water in the pool quite cold. I resigned myself to the hot tub for relaxation instead. The Dark Side began to nag me, however, chiding me for not embracing the opportunity for cold exposure. (Look up cryotherapy, Wim Hof Method, ect, or details.) After battling my natural inclination for laziness for a bit, I forced myself into the cold water and submerged myself fully. It sucked. But I did it. And am better for it.

Still recovering from surgery. I can’t lift for a few weeks yet, but I’m getting in my walking. Ordering healthier options at restaurants. Ect.

Darth Viron

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