“Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!”

Ah, that cry. Made famous by Helen Lovejoy of the Simpsons. In essence, it’s an appeal to emotion, and thus a logical fallacy.

Oftentimes, conservatives and liberals alike will make overtures to a superior moral sense by invoking the innocence of children. When conservatives do it, they’re usually invoking Traditional Christian Morals, whinging about abortion rights or the removal of God from the classroom. It’s quite obvious when they’re doing this, which is why it’s usually ignored by all but the most blustery of conservative pundits.

When liberals do it, it’s much more insidious. The conversation it goes as follows:

Liberal: “We need more tax funding for schools!”

Conservative: “I pay plenty of taxes each year. My income hasn’t gone up in years and you want to take more off my table? I’m not responsible for the school systems budget.”

Liberal: “Oh, so you hate children!”

Conservative: “What? I have three kids. That’s why I don’t want to pay more taxes. It’s hard enough to feed them.”

Liberal: “Typical selfish conservative! There are starving children out in the streets right now and you won’t take care of them!”

Conservative: “Wh-what?”

Ad nauseum.

The baseline for both political sides is control. Both sides seek to control the argument and the message by appealing to a higher moral center. Beware the liberal, however, as they are far more insidious AND dangerous at seeking it.

During the Argentinian financial collapse, carjacking was commonplace. It went as follows:

You’d be driving down the road where a child or woman, usually crying, would try to flag you down.

Being a bleeding heart, you’d pull over to attempt to help.

Enter: large men with guns and other assorted weapons to steal everything you own.

The defense of all this is simple: choice. Demand choice. Demand to know where your responsibility lies. Demand to know who comes first: your family or your state?

Not everyone cares about the argument. Particularly for bleeding heart types, it’s incomprehensible to think that some may not throw everything they have at a hungry child. They don’t care for the logical continuance of this train of thought, that once you remove choice…you’ve become a slave.

What I did to be more like a Sith Lord…

Started school. The new year is going well. Anxious about keeping up with everything, but I’m off to a good start.

Have a schedule and will be continuing my taekwondo training regularly. I hope to advance up the belt ranks by the end of the year.

– Darth Viron

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