Musings on the Sith

The Sith are an interesting villain. They don’t fit the typical archetypes found in most media – the ‘evil for evil’s sake’, the nihilist, nor the ever present sob-story-makes-me-evil. They are compelling to me, as they are scientist-mystics, understanding the deeper nature of reality (the Force in Star Wars canon), but also take time to understand hard science. They create monsters, known as Sithspawn. Occasionally, they work on humans, as the Darth Sidious created Darth Vader. No Jedi could do this.

The spiritual is necessary as it grants purpose. It’s difficult to live life well without meaning and a goal, and it’s only spirituality that grants this. If you think otherwise, look to the slovenly masses found online, the ‘mainstream’ man and woman, and gaze into their empty eyes and convince me otherwise. God is Dead, and with it we have neutered mankind.

Science is necessary as it grants reason. Reason, clarity of thought, is lost on most. A philosopher once said that most things that enter your mind are, in fact, wrong. How do you know? Is the world built on the backs of turtles, or does it hurl through the void? With science we need not speculate or hypothesize.

But science, science is power in its own right. Purpose infused with power is raw energy that levels mountains. It gave us the gene, the atom, and the transistor. Additionally, it tempers spirituality with reason. With purpose and truth, monsters are created…or just a better breed of human.

I like to think that embracing the spiritual and tempering it with the scientific solves the problems of blind faith and nihilism. If it makes one stronger to converge the two, then all the more reason to do so. Don’t fear the spiritual because you hate the word ‘God’, and don’t fear the scientific because math class made you hate science. Read, learn, master, and overcome.

The world needs Sith. Not in the most literal sense. But those who see the world as it is. One filled with joyous suffering. Suffering that breeds anger. Anger that breeds hate. Hate that breeds passion. Passion that grants strength. Strength grants power. Ecetera, ecetera…

What I Did To Be a Sith Lord This Week:

Purged weakness from my physical form. IE, had my gallbladder removed. Fucker doesn’t want to work right, I can live without.

Continued dieting, loosing weight.

Walked the dogs a lot, now that the weather permits it.

Still on track to further my education in August. Physical Therapist Assistant will give me intimate knowledge of the human form…perhaps allowing me to create my own Sithspawn…?

Should be back in TaeKwonDo after next week. It’s far from the strongest martial art, but where I’m at now, it’ll serve to make me stronger and better. With ancestral roots in Karate, I’ve been researching how to ‘modernize’ Hojo Undo training.

Researched running. All martial artists have to do it. So I gotta do it. Damn it.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

Memento mori,

Darth Viron

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