It’s a rather hated word. Some think flexibility (be like water, my friend) is the most important thing, but…they are wrong.

It is routine, not flexibility, that builds discipline. Routines establish neural pathways that keep you on the straight and narrow. Routine, that builds unshakeable will. Routine, that will transform you into a Sith.

Yet the world is not built to allow you a routine. We don’t have the normal 9-5 jobs anymore. We work 12hr shifts, or day/evening shifts, or swing shift. We have families with demands of their own, hobbies that take our free time, and a Netflix cue that requires even more of us.

Yet there is a way around this. Be mindful of the excuses that you allow yourself. What is more important, getting in your meditation session, or Netflix? Going out to enjoy your hobby, or getting in a quick workout? Make a conscious choice to choose your routine first. It is not the routine that will drag you down, but the sloth and luxury that builds weakness in us.

What I did to be more like a Sith Lord….

I have been meditating regularly using the Muse headband. I’ve had a breakthrough with it, using the feedback to get into a good meditative state. I can ‘feel’ what it’s like to be there, and guide myself there almost at will. I had a good 20 minute session not long ago where I was in a meditative state for nearly 18 minutes of it. Once I establish a baseline with it, I can start experimenting with the other biofeedback programs built into it.

My beloved martial arts still sit at the wayside, but I did finally meet a Tai Chi instructor. He teaches more traditional, and by that with the ‘martial’ rather than the exercise in mind. While he’s not a martial arts instructor, he knows a lot of Chinese exercise, and does the higher-end push-hands practice. I plan to continue training with him while in school to ‘rehab’ myself, and perhaps even get my teaching certificate through him eventually. While I’d love to grapple or box or swing sticks, perhaps the best focus right now is learning the powerful movements, meditation, and Chi exercises through this practice.

By thy will,

Darth Viron

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