Time is a gift, a blessing, a curse.

Given time, one can achieve heights of power, glory, and intellect. Subtract time, you make a man weak, slovenly, undisciplined. Time heals, and it kills. It is a nemesis, a tool. An object to be feared, worshiped.

When time presents itself to you, grab hold and make the most of it. If time presents itself to you in the evening, read a book that enriches you. If you find yourself waking up early in the morning, go out and train. If you find yourself with copious amounts of it due to a global pandemic that has shut down almost the entire world…


Make the most of it. For that gift will not last. Learn, research, study, train, and develop. Because you simply don’t know what will happen one month to the next.

What I Did To Be Like a Sith Lord…

The global pandemic took me by surprise. As it did most of us, I think. Like many, having been through SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, ect, given the nothingburgers that came out of it I brushed it all off. And then it hit the states, shut things down, college closed, and work closed.

I’ve been off work for almost two months now. Having had this time, I’ve gotten ahead on my school work, learned new exercise routines, and developed a list of notes that I intend to practice as time wears on.

First, I bought the book Lost Secrets to a Great Body. It details Professor Atillas Light Dumbbell System, but in plainer English than the books written in the 1800s. The system is fascinating. It’s a severe isolation paradigm, coupled with a low weight/high rep mentality. It was THE bodybuilding foundation for decades before the progressive overload paradigm came to the fore.

It took time to learn, but I’ve almost got all the exercises down. I’ve made copious notes on the subject that I’m using right now.

In addition, I’ve written the Junbi Undo warmup to utilize before my dumbbell routine.

In addition, I’ve written out the qigong form Push the Mountains/Move the Sea, for if and when I can get back to my Tai Chi training.

Time is a gift. Use it, utilize it, for it’ll disappear soon enough.

Darth Viron

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