The Bioneer – great youtube page if you aren’t familiar – once said that rather than ‘exercise’ one should ‘train’ since it sounds cooler. I agree.

Training should be something that moves you to a goal. Have an image of yourself that you want to be – a Dark Lord, a martial artist, a scientist, whatever – then move towards that goal with incremental progression.

It’s a slow road. A slog. At times it’s painful and you’ll move backwards more than forwards. But you have to keep moving, no matter what. Stasis is death. That which does not move, that which does not evolve, dies.

During the pandemic furlough from work, I gradually put together an exercise program that I enjoy. It marries strongman isometrics and dumbbells with exercise bands. I can take time and make it a long program, or short. It’s adaptive.

I adapted the Light Dumbbell Routine from ‘Lost Secrets to a Great Body.’ I eliminated some of them since my interest is more muscle control from this routine. The upper body is particularly fascinating to work through.

After this I now have a bar that I can attach exercise bands too, and this enables me to mimic some of the olympic lifts. As I understand it, these are some of the best strength-training exercises out there.

Finally, I have an isometric trainer I really like. I can do all the exercises detailed in “The Mystery of the Iron Samson.” It’s an easily adjustable, full-body device that compacts down into a small package for storage.

I also switched up martial art training again. While I enjoyed training Tai Chi, due to the pandemic they moved to online only classes which I am not interested in. Fortunately, I met a guy online well versed in Modern Arnis and Small Circle Jujitsu, both interesting and comprehensive enough styles to keep me engaged. My weekly training session is back to a fighting focus, which suits me just fine.

After finally pulling all this together and finishing my crib notes, I pulled a few muscles in my back. While not debilitating, it felt painful enough to encourage me to slow down. In addition, I’m back to doing a swing shift, which has kicked my ass more than anything.

Frustrating, but I have not skid to a stop. I still exercise every day, watch what I’m eating, and study. I am evolving and growing, becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith each and every day. I will not be stopped, nor slowed, until I meet my apotheosis.