It is no great secret that we are living in a time of Chaos. 2020 started out with a bang, sowing fear of World War 3. It evolved then into the torture that was Tiger King (a great piece of reality TV, mind you, but damn, seriously?), then finalizing the whole thing with COVID-19 and Civil Unrest.

It’s tempting to let yourself be distracted from your Path by these things. After all, global uncertainty demands our time and energy. But while you might be tempted to shift priority from your Path of the Sith to the Path of the Prepper, I would encourage you think through such things carefully.

We do seem to be living in some version of the End Times. It pokes holes in our confidence, steals our focus and energy, and keeps us awake at night. But no true Sith fears Chaos.

Chaos transforms and forges us. It can be a furnace that tempers our iron into steel.

There is nothing wrong with buying some extra canned food, and making sure your first aid supplies are fresh and in date. There’s nothing wrong with cleaning your guns and making sure your ammunition and blades are clean and ready to go.

I say this, because any true Sith anticipates these times and lives as if he or she is already going through them.

We are not blinded sheep who depend on the kindness of others. We do not take for granted our two day shipping, fully stocked grocery store lifestyle. We know how thin and ephemeral safety and security is. We live as if we are enduring an apocalypse already. We live to strengthen and improve ourselves through training the Sith Tetrad – Warrior, Scientist, Occultist, Philosopher – because if anyone or anything can survive an apocalypse, it is a Sith. We train the way of war so we can beat back the mindless golden hordes that will evacuate their liberal utopias when things collapse. We prep not because of fear, but because it makes us stronger. Godhood takes many paths and forms, and preparedness is one of them.

Do not give in to fear. Swallow it, digest it, and use it to strengthen you. A Sith, after all, can transform that power into many different things.

Beans, bullets, band-aids,

Darth Viron

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